IMPORTANT: Please use the multiple selection button if reserving a minibus for all day then select morning and afternoon/evening slots.



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The calendar is a guide to availability only, the times stated can be varied on the reservation form. Subject to actual availability, you must submit a SACT – Booking Form before the booking is confirmed. Any reservations made are provisional only,  you will be contacted in due course for confirmation.


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How it works

Minibus hire: Please select the vehicle you would like to hire from the drop down list, then ensure you have the right month selected. Click on the date you’d like to book. Green dots show availability, click on the time block(s) you require. If you need a driver too, please repeat selecting driver from the drop down list. Complete the form.

Further information on vehicles is available HERE

MiDAS Training: Select the course required from the drop down list and go to the next available date, shown by a green dot. Click on the date and course, complete the information form.