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Use our Download Forms – SACT page to give you all the necessary tools to join SACT as a group, individual or driver and to make a booking as well as our latest excursions and the Barr Bus timetables and tariffs.


Contains the latest prices, terms and conditions (August 2018)

Info Sheet – SACT



Membership Form – Orgs (PDF)

SACT Group Membership Form



Individual Membership Application

(Out & About Excursion Club only)


Own Driver:


Driver Application Form


Volunteer Driver Application Form



SACT – Booking Form

Booking Form – PDF


Out & About Club:


SACT OandA Excursions Feb-Apr 2019 (PDF)

SACT OandA Excursions Feb-Apr 2019  (Word)


Carrick Out and About 2018-19



CB8 Barr Bus:


CB8 Timetable effective Feb 12th 2018


Barr Fares Printable