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The Barr Bus

Launching on 30 May 2017, in partnership with SPT (Community), Leader, South Ayrshire Council, Barr Community Council and North Carrick Community Benefit Company the Barr to Girvan bus service now runs five times a day, three days a week. The Barr Bus is the first scheduled bus service Barr has had in over 10 years. It has designated stops in Barr and Girvan and will operate as a hail and ride in between.

Thanks to second year funding from those listed below the CB8 service has been secured until September 2019.

Carrick FuturesFalck

Foundation ScotlandSPTSAC

The timetable is shown below.

The new timetable effective from 12/2/2018

CB8 Barr Bus - new timetable effective 12-2-2018


Barr Timetable – Printable


The Barr bus runs on a section 22 permit which allows for the charging of individual passengers and the acceptance of concession passes. The service became chargeable on the 3rd of July after an initial free trial period. Fares are available as single, return and 10 trip tickets for adults. Child singles and returns are also available.

The fare table can be seen below or downloaded and printed from here: Barr Fares Printable



BBfares Adult 01

BBfares Child


BBfares Adult10 - 02